Jun 27 2014     Misha dna
by pearl | 4802 Views | 2 Replies
I did a DNA on new dog Misha. So far they seem fairly accurate! I had thought some boxer in her, but it came back American Staffordshire Terrier purebred one parent, the other parent Giant Schnauzer/Dogue de Bordeaux mix!
Her temperament fits all of these.
But, don't know how common...
Apr 14 2014     Poor Mocha
by pearl | 4447 Views | 8 Replies
Has been less active, not getting up on furniture anymore, back legs giving out sometimes. Over the weekend gaawwddd awful breath developed. I took him to the vet this morning, all bloodwork is normal, teeth look okay- tartar but okay.
So we are starting with antibiotics in case an abscess in...
Mar 17 2014     One very shocked pup!
by Cat | 4860 Views | 10 Replies
I finally broke down and did the unthinkable! Beau has developed the nasty habit of barking, non-stop when he is outdoors. Not sure if the voices in his head tell him to do so, if he's hearing imaginary sounds or if he's just trying to drive us all crazy.

At any rate, I did the...
Dec 04 2013     Trash Dog
by dobie | 5566 Views | 9 Replies
So I don't know if Mr. Pip is going senile in his old age.....but all of a sudden no trash basket in the house is safe from him.....his mission in life is to knock them over and spread trash around my floors.  wtf
Dec 03 2013     Dinner with Norm
by shinyblackpit | 4809 Views | 4 Replies
OMG. My dog. At dinner, we were going around the table saying what we're thankful for. After my two nephews, it's the next person's turn, and FIL says, "Norm? What are YOU thankful for?" (Remember, Norm is the dog) Sure enough, beside the two little nephews, sitting on the...
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